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Hand book of natural treasures

Boost the expectations of your guests by giving them a taste of the many wonders they can find around your camp. Amaze them with the rareness, the never seen biological design and bizarre behaviors, and the local names and uses of local animals and plants. Allow me to offer you a local nature guide in two optional formats: digital, and hand book.
The book is divided in two sections:
Natural treasures: the most beautyful and interesting species that can be found raound your camp. It includes vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. Not only they are depicted in elegant ways, but there will also be information on their most interesting aspect, what makes them unique and tied to your land, and  pieces of available local knowlegde and uses. The size of this part is pricewise.
Species check list: an observers's check list  with  observed species names and images for the region.
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