Agustín Camacho


I seek to understand how the environment interacts with evolving phenotypes to determine where species can live, and on the consequences of such interaction over different organizational levels of nature (i.e. Individuals' phenotypes, population abundance, species' range size, community richness, etc). Lately, I am mostly focused in using that understanding for developing a new approach for forecasting species' vulnerability to climate change. Even thought most of my work focuses on lizards, I enjoy working with other organisms too. I use an array of approaches including field studies, laboratory experiments, museum data collection, geographic modelling and videogames. Finally, I take pleasure in teaching Project Design, Scientific Method in Comparative Biology,  Phylogenetic Statistics, and Functional Biogeography.



Laboratório de fisiologia e

comportamento evoluttivos, Departamento de Fisiologia. Instituto de Biociências, USP.
Rua do Matão, trav. 14, nº 321,

Cidade Universitária,
São Paulo - SP, CEP: 05508-090, Brasil.