Prospective students

I am accepting undergraduate and graduate students interested in research on the effects of climate change on animals, on drivers of species distribution range, or developing projects for aiding management at natural reserves. I value knowledgeable individuals that seek to make their contribution to the society. Problem solving skills, affection to reading and fieldwork, programming, electronics, and math skills, all constitute a welcome plus. Initiatives for funding the project are also appreciated but I will show options and help  to obtain them. If you want me to advice your project, please send a text indicating: the general theme of the project, why you think this project is important for you, and a well defined objective within that theme.
I strongly advice to undergraduate students at the São Paulo University to contact me at least one-two months before May, so as to have time for applying to the PIBIC program.
Students seeking for a Masters or PHD in Zoology, Physiology or Ecology, please contact me at least 6 months before the selection exams.
  • Graduate/undergraduate student for project on geographic analysis of  thermal vulnerability in ectotherms.
  • Graduate/undergraduate student for divulgative project on herpetofauna of national parks