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Experience of a lifetime

Offer the best and the rarest of your land to distinguished guests from around the world. The most exclusive local nature experiences for personal growth and connection with local nature and culture. Those ones to share with a shine of light in your eyes.

You have chosen to preserve the most remote and pristine habitat to gift your guests with true wildlife. You that have selected with care a staff of guides to share their knowledge and make your guest's experience unforgettable. Still, since safaris and hikes are now pursued objects of desire, what transforms them into exclusive experiences? My answer is: "the living treasures", the exclusive animals and plants that surround your habitat, their rare beauty, strange life-styles, and their connection to land and local culture.

Everybody knows big game species, like the big five, and how to watch them during long safari drives. Now, there is also a myriad of small game, and what I call the "micro game", living around your camp and waiting to make every minute of living at your lodge constructively exciting, and unique among ecotouristic destinations. No matter where in the earth you are, for each of the main nature attractions, there are ten amusing living treasures lurking close by.

I offer solutions to safely and enjoyably integrate these treasures of life into your beloved camp, to offer a one on earth experience.


Let me show you how.


Dr. Agustín Camacho. Evolutionary ecologist.


Handbook of natural treasures


Training for staff


Setting up the scene

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